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Tiangong-2 Data

Tiangong-2 Space Laboratory carries out three earth observation loads, including Wide-band Imaging Spectrometer, Three-dimensional Imaging microwave altimeter and Multi-band ultraviolet edge Imaging Spectrometer. These data products play an important role in the monitoring of large-scale targets in atmosphere, ocean and land, including land cover classification, ecological environment assessment, coastline change monitoring, marine dynamic environmental monitoring, inland water quality monitoring, glacier and topographic monitoring, upper and middle atmospheric monitoring, disturbance monitoring and ozone forecasting etc.

Data Product Introduction

Earth Observation Data Products
Sensor Product Category Product Level File Format
Wide-band Imaging Spectrometer Visible Near Infrared Level 1:Radiometric correction data products
Level 2:System geometric correction data products
Level 3:Geometric precision correction data products
Level 4:Orthophoto correction data products
Thematic data products:Reflectivity data products, brightness temperature data products, etc.
Short Wavelength Infrared Tiff4.0.4
Thermal Infrared Tiff4.0.4
Three-dimensional Imaging Microwave Altimeter Two-dimensional Image Data Level 1:Image reconstruction、radiometric correction
Level 2:Geometric correction data products
Level 3:Orthophoto correction data products
Thematic products:Digital elevation model data products
Three-dimensional Image Data Tiff4.0.4
Multi-band Ultraviolet Edge Imaging Spectrometer ultraviolet ring imager
spectral range 360nm
Level 1:Pretreated products:Correction、radiant transformation and geographical location
Level 2:Primary atmosphere products
ultraviolet ring imager
spectral range 295nm
ultraviolet ring imager
spectral range 265nm
ultraviolet forward spectrometer HDF5